Monday, July 4, 2016

Something wonderful is at the Exploratorium through September 5thStrandBeests: the Dream Machines of Theo Jansen are up and running for you to experience for the first time in North America. Jansen is a physicist-turned-artist who has been designing self-propelled machines since 1990. His lifelike complex contraptions, called beests, have evolved to survive harsh beach environments. Jansen's Strandbeests have inspired artists to create their own beest versions and the Exploratorium has invited these artists to share their works on Thursday July 7th from 6pm-10pm at the After Dark BYOBeest night. The TE+ND Rover will be there along with Corey McGuire's collaboration Automata Equis, Adam Savage's Pedal Powered Beest and Scott Parenteau's TinSpider. If you're in town I hope to see you there.